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A strategy session is a personalized consultation designed to help you achieve your business goals. During this appointment, we’ll take the time to understand your brand, audience, and market, and then provide actionable recommendations to help you succeed. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, a strategy session with our experienced digital marketing experts is the perfect first step. So don’t wait – book your appointment today and let’s start growing your business together!


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Here are some frequently asked questions about our strategy sessions.

A strategy session is a focused meeting with a digital marketing expert to assess a brand’s marketing needs and develop a custom marketing plan.

A strategy session typically lasts 1-2 hours.

The strategy session is attended by a representative from the brand and one or two of our digital marketing experts.

It is helpful to bring any relevant data or materials such as sales reports, marketing materials, and target audience information.

The outcome of a strategy session is a customized marketing plan that outlines the steps the brand needs to take to achieve its marketing goals.

Typically, after a strategy session meeting, the next steps may involve the following:

  1. Reviewing and analyzing the results of the strategy session
  2. Creating a customized plan or strategy that addresses the goals and needs of the client
  3. Presenting the plan to the client for review and approval
  4. Moving forward with implementing the agreed-upon strategy
  5. Continuously monitoring and refining the strategy as needed to ensure success.

It is important to note that the specific next steps will depend on the particular objectives of the strategy session and the needs of the client.

The time it takes to set up a website after a strategy session can vary, as it depends on several factors such as the complexity of the website design, the scope of the project, and the resources available. However, a typical timeframe for website development is usually a few weeks to several months. However, our typical turnaround is 4-6 weeks. 

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